Byrd House Studio

  • Making quality audio recordings in Austin, TX since 1972
  • VERY affordable rates
  • Latest Cubase version software
  • Access to some of the best musicians in Texas for client's projects have included Redd Volkaert on guitar, Chip Dolan on keyboard and accordion, Warren Hood on fiddle and mandolin, Lloyd Maines on dobro, Marvin Dykhuis on guitar and mandolin, Greg Whitfield on guitar, David Scher on guitar, Shawn Sanders on cello, Sean Ellison on piano, Tina Turner on fiddle, Don Raby on fiddle, Darcie, Deaville on fiddle, Lynn Daniel on bass, Paul Pearcy on drums, Henna Chow on cello, Jimmy Ruggierre on harmonica, Bonn Wier on drums name a few.

"I am always so impressed with the quality of sound that you can get from my fiddle when I record here.  Whatever you've done in the isolation room and with your engineering brings out the sweetest sounds on my instrument."  Warren Hood

"This studio is so relaxed and laid back.  I feel so comfortable recording here.  Tommy makes me feel right at home." Miriam

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“Their voices blend well against a country-folk backdrop, singing most of all about the power of love. Good old-fashioned country.”

SING OUT! Magazine

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